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    • Sr. Accountant

      Job Description:

      Ensures the integrity of accounting information by recording, verifying, consolidating, and entering transactions.

      Prepares and records asset, liability, revenue, and expenses entries by compiling and analyzing account information.

      Maintains and balances subsidiary accounts by verifying, allocating, posting, and reconciling transactions and resolving discrepancies.

      Maintains general ledger by transferring subsidiary accounts, preparing a trial balance, and reconciling entries.

      Summarizes financial status by collecting information and preparing balance sheet, profit and loss, and other statements.

      Produces payroll by initiating computer processing; printing checks, verifying finished product.

      Completes external audit by analyzing and scheduling general ledger accounts and providing information for auditors.

      Avoids legal challenges by complying with legal requirements.

      Secures financial information by completing database backups.

      Protects organization’s value by keeping information confidential.


      Experience: 2-3 Years

      Salary: INR 15,001 - 30,000

      Industry: Manufacturing, Automotive And Industrial Casting, Sr. Accountant

      India , Delhi, Delhi , Urban

      Posted on : Sat Feb 20 2021 - View Apply